Church History


May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful

In March 1957 the Rev. E.A. Wilkes II, from Pelzer Methodist Church, started a Methodist Mission in the old Pepper Grammar School.  It had been fifty years since a Methodist Church had been in the area.  Rev. Wilkes gave his service and was faithful in attendance.  Services were held each Sunday afternoon, with prayer meetings on Thursday nights.  On June 22, 1958, the mission was officially organized to become the Augusta Road Methodist Church with District Superintendent Rev. J.H. Kohler presiding.  Thirty-three persons expressed desire to become charter members.

Land was purchased by the conference on February 17, 1960.  The lot, consisting of approximately two acres, was located on Flora Louise Drive in South Greenville (known as Moonville).  On December 2, 1960, Cely Brothers Construction Company signed a contract to build the church at a cost of $29,986.36.

A groundbreaking service was held the first Sunday in January 1961 with District Superintendent Rev. Paul McWirter presiding.  The church was completed and open for service the third Sunday of May 1961.

In June 1987, the Conference sent Rev. Stephen Taylor as the first full time minister.

During 1995, Mrs. Carrie Harris turned 100 years old.  Mrs. Harris played the piano at our church for many years.

At a Charge Conference on August 12, 2001, Trustee Chairperson David Hughey recommended the sale of Augusta Road United Methodist Church to St. Johns Orthodox Church for $316,250.00 At a Charge Conference on September 9, 2001, Building Committee Chairperson Janice Hughey presented an overall view of the church plans.  Total cost for the church would be $1,115,150 to be built by Roebuck Builders.  Augusta Road United Methodist Church last gathered for worship, lunch, and a Charge Conference on October 31, 2001.  That afternoon we moved everything out of the church, said our good-byes and moved to Woodmont Middle School where we would meet till the new church was built.

On November 17, 2002, we entered our new building at 8324 Augusta Road.  We started at Woodmont Middle School and carried banners and marched in a parade with great joy.  We walked to our new church and thought of all the people who have come and gone on to be with the Lord.

In June 2015, the conference moved Rev. David Smith, his wife Deb and their granddaughter Jenna to Augusta Road United Methodist Church.

In February 2016 Mrs. Ann Chambers passed away. She was the last living Charter Member of Augusta Road United Methodist Church.  

On May 20, 2018 during our Homecoming celebration we burned the mortgage of the church.  District Superintendent Rev. Dr. George Howle was present.  Along with Dr. Howle, David Hughey, Janice Hughey, Ron Young, Ken Hastings and Rev. David Smith they all helped to burn the mortgage. 

As we step forward into a new chapter of the history of ARUMC, we ask that each one of us remember where we have been, who has come before us, and pray that All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful.  We especially thank God for helping the church achieve all of its goals.  May we continue to grow spiritually and follow our vision.  May Augusta Road United Methodist Church be instrumental in the ongoing work in the Kingdom of God.

Prepared by Geri Webb and Debbie Chambers

Today we begin a New Year.  The old year went by so quickly.  It is a new beginning.  We are grateful to God and to you for what we achieved last year.  But let us not become satisfied with past achievements but let us strive to do more than ever before.  Let us strive to be more like our Lord, more sacrificial, more patient, more loving.  As for myself, I don’t know what the future holds for me.  I know He holds the future; A long time ago I put myself in His hands.

Written and printed in the January 2, 1977 bulletin

Mrs. Geri Webb, Church Historian